The Institute

Biju Patnaik National Steel Institute (BPNSI), constituted by Ministry of Steel, Government of India was registered as a society in 2001 for the development of Steel Sector with an emphasis on the Secondary Steel Sector. The Institute has adopted a three pronged approach, namely Education & Training, Research & Development, and Consultancy to boost the steel sector. The Institute creates trained man power with the requisite skill set and also re-skills and upgrades the skills of the existing manpower in the steel sector. To cater to these varying needs of the Industry, the Institute while offering diploma level courses, also offers Short Term Courses. Within a short span of its existence since its inception, it has established a noteworthy ability of producing trained manpower as reflected by 70% placement of its students. Beside academics, the Institute fosters higher & more efficient production of steel by providing technical consultancy to the steel plants for implementing Energy Efficient Manufacturing Processes. The Institute also creates and maintains Global linkages with Global Institutes to provide state of the art energy efficient technologies to the steel plants cost effectively. The Institute collaborates with UNDP, UNIDO and other International bodies to aid in the re-engineering & modernization of steel plants.

These objectives are materialized by Consultancy, Training and Networking. Carbon emission is a hot Global issue in today’s world order. As per the KYOTO PROTOCOL, the developed Nations fund the reduction in Industrial emissions in the developing Nations. These activities come under the project “CLEAN DEVELOPMENT MECHANISM (CDM)”. BPNSI has already completed the first phase of a CDM project for a group of 17 sponge iron plants in Orissa by developing a Project Design Document. This project was funded by JP Steel Plantech of Japan. BPNSI has been requested to take up a similar project for the sponge iron plants of West Bengal.

BPNSI is one of the few Institutes in the country and the only Institute in Orissa that offers a curriculum in Iron & Steel manufacturing & Plant Management. These courses are designed by eminent persons from academia & Industriy, and are geared to enable the students to be ready to contribute to growth of Steel Sector through Scientific & Structured approaches when they join the workforce.

The Institute follows “PROBLEM BASED LEARNING” teaching methodology to familiarize the students with the real life problems of the Industry. The students are also sent for Industrial Training to make them acquainted with the Industrial environment and culture. We also get constant feed back from the employers of our students and fine tune our curriculum accordingly.

Currently the Institute is offering a one and half year “Advanced Certificate Course on Iron and Steel Manufacturing & Plant Management.” The Institute plans to offer Degree and P.G. Diploma courses in the future.

Our Visionary

Biju Patnaik was a legendary visionary and and also a pioneer in translating his dreams and vision into reality. Some examples would suffice: founder of Kalinga group of Industries - Kalinga Iron works, Kalinga Tubes, Panchyat Industries, Orissa Textile Mills, Paradeep Port, Paradeep Daitary Expressway, Cuttack-Paradeep Railway Linkage, Hindusthan Aeronotics Ltd., Sunabeda, father of infrastructural creations; in the realm of HRD – Regional Engineering College (now Nation Institute of Technology), Rourkela, Regional College of Education, Bhubaneswar; in R&D – Regional Research Laboratory, Bhubaneswar, Orissa University of Agricultural Technology, to name a few. He brought Kalinga into international fame by instituting the prestigious Kalinga Award through Kalinga Foundation Trust with UNESCO for the scientists of world fame for popularization of science and technology.

The National Steel Institute, named after the visionary Biju Patnaik will strive to attain all-round excellence in its performances and is inspired by the bold and path-breaking achievements of this great titan.


BPNSI pursues the following ovjectives for the SME's in the steel sector:

  • Catalyze the development of quality human resources
  • Synergize industry and academia to foster symbiotic growth
  • Build a Technological Knowledge Base
  • Networking for Technological Information Interchange & Dissemination
  • Consultancy Services on Cutting Edge Technologies